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Be Not Afraid Lyrics & Chords

By Bob Dufford

You shall (G)cross the (C)barren (G)desert(C), But you (G)shall not die of thirst(D) You shall (C)wander far in (C)safety, Though you (Am)do not (Am)know the (D)way, You shall (G)speak your (B)words in (Em)foreign (Am)lands And (C)all will (F)unders(D)tand. (C)You shall (Em)see the (A)face of (A)God and (D)live.(D) Chorus (G)Be not (C)- a(G)fraid (D) (Am)I (D)go be(G)fore you all ways (C)Come follow (Bm)me (Em) And (Am)I will (D)give you (G)Rest.(C)(G)(C) If you pass through raging waters In the sea you shall not drown. If you walk among the burning flames, You shall not be harmed. If you stand before the power of hell And death is at your side, Know that I am with you through it all. Blessed are your poor, For the Kingdom shall be theirs, Blest are you that weep and morn For one day you shall laugh, And if wicked men insult and hate you All because of Me, Blessed, blessed are you

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