Back To You Lyrics & Chords

By Mandisa

(G)I could never say enough (D)to (C)thank You (D)For (Em)everything You've done for (D)me (C) And (G)I might think I could do (D)enough (C)to show You But (D)I (Em)know that's just a crazy (D)dream (C) Pre-Chorus (G)This shouldn't be complicat(D)ed (C)This isn't that hard to (D)see (Em)It's not about what I do for (D)You It's (C)what You've done for me Chorus (G)You gave Your love, You gave Your (D)life (C)You gave Your everything and (D)I Wanna (Em)give it all back Give it all (D)back to (C)You (G)You took a heart so black and (D)blue (C)And piece by piece You make it (D)new (Em)The only thing left, the only thing (D)left to do Is give it all back to (G)You (C)Give it all back to You I just want to be a life that You use I want all of me to be all for You And when I get it wrong You stick with me Ain't that the truth It's just what You do I won't forget what You did How You died so I could live I don't deserve this kind of love I'll testify, testify how You gave Your life for mine The only thing I know to do is give it all back to You

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