Back To The Cross Lyrics & Chords

By Jessie Mae Martin

(D)I'm out on the sea filled with (G)sorrows (D)Tossed like a ship to and (A)fro I'm (D)seeking the help of my (G)Savior By the (D)way of the (A)Cross, I must (D)go Chorus (D)Back to the Cross and to (G)Jesus (D)Back to the Cross I am (A)called I've (D)drifted too far and I've (G)wandered From the (D)Savior that (A)once was my (D)home The sins of this world have overcome me Have pushed and left me to roam So I'm going to back to my Savior Back to the Cross and home The joys of these life are too fleeting And left in troubles alone I've lost the church of the stranger I've drifted too far from home

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