Baby Boy Lyrics & Chords

By For King & Country

(C)If you (G)told me all (D)about your (Em)sorrows (C)I'd (G)tell you (D)about a (Em)cure (C)If you told (G)me you can't (D)fight the (Em)battle (C)There's a Baby Boy who (G)won the war (D)The war was won by a (Em)Baby Boy Chorus (C)Alleluia, (G)we can sing (D)it (Em)Allelu(C)ia, (G)Heaven's (D)ringing, (Bm)Alle(A)lu(Em)ia! (C)Endless hope and (G)relentless joy (D)started with a Baby (Em)Boy Oh, before that silent night No Savior and no Jesus Christ The world cried out so desperately And the Baby Boy was the reply, Yes, Heaven's reply was a baby boy Bridge (C)See, the King is coming down (G)And He's here without a (D)crown (C)The Baby Boy without a bed (Em)Giving life back to the (D)dead (C)And hear the angels shout it out (G)As the people come and (D)bow. (C)Unexpected majesty (Em)Alleluia, what a (D)King

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