At The Foot Of The Cross Lyrics & Chords

By Connie Smith | Larry Lee

(C)Lord on bended knee I'm begging you Let me (G)feel just a little of what you went (C)through Oh I want to know just (F)how great the (Fm)cost Let me (C)live let me live at the (G)foot of the (C)cross (C)With broken heart Lord show me the (G)way To have more compassion for those gone (C)astray Oh give me desire for (F)souls that are (Fm)lost Let me (C)live let me live at the (G)foot of the (C)cross (Am)Please let me live where you (Em)died for me (Am)Give me a vision (D)of Calva(G)ry (C)Let me reach (G)out and touch the (Am)nail splintered wood Oh (C)I need a reminder to (G)be what I (C)should

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