At the Breaking of Day Lyrics & Chords

By The McKameys

At the breaking of day the world slept as now god's son left the tomb the guards knew not how an angel from heaven rolled the great stone away and the tomb was found empty at the breaking of day. Great fear gripped the keepers they became as dead men when they found the tomb was empty where jesus has been god sent an earthquake an angel came down neatly folded the linen that had my lord bound. While a new day is dawning soon he's coming again the great king on kings as the savior of men in power and great glory we'll all soar away so look up weary pilgrim its the breaking of day. At the breaking of day the grave could not hold him he arose the third day just like he had told them thank god i'm so glad that he made a way by the cross and the grave at the breaking of day.

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