Arms Of My Father Lyrics & Chords

By David Chumchal

(G)There is a (D)place that I (C)know, (G)where I need more (D)often to (C)go (G)A place of (Em)amazing (D)comfort and (C)rest (G)Where a (Em)smile is (C)never (D)rare, (G)and Your love is as (D)free as the (C)air (G)And I lack for (C)nothing (G)when I can (Em)see the (D)love in Your (G)eyes And (C)know that it's (G)all (C)for (D)me. Chorus (D)I fear (G)nothing at (D)all When I'm (Am)safe in the arms of my (D)Father And if (G)ever I (D)fall I take (Am)comfort in knowing that (Em)You (D)are (G)there

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