Arise Oh Lord Lyrics & Chords

By Kelly Carpenter

(Em)Hear us (D)Lord
(Em)Hear us (D)now, Lord have (C)mer(G)cy (C) (G)
(Em)Hear our (D)prayer
(Em)Hear our (D)cry for revi(C)val (C) (G)

(F)Release Your power
(C)Break our chains, set us free (Em) (D) (C) (G)
(F)Let us feel Your (C)joy again, set us free (Em) (D)
(C)Lord, (G)come (Am)heal (D)us

Arise,(D) (C)oh Lord (D) (Em)
(G)Demonst(C)rate Your (D)power (G) Arise,(G) (C)oh Lord (D) (Em)
(G)Demonst(C)rate Your (C)power (Em) (D)
(C)Demonst(G)rate Your (D)power (C) (G)

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