Anywhere Is Home Lyrics & Chords

By Bill Walker

(G)Earthly wealth and fame may (C)never come to (G)me, And a palace fair (A)here mine may never (D)be; But let (G)come what may, if (C)Christ for me doth (G)care, Anywhere is home, if (D)He is only (G)there. Chorus (G)Anywhere is home, let (C)come and go what (G)may; Anywhere I roam, He (A)keeps me all the (D)way; So (G)for His dear sake, my (C)cross I’ll meekly (G)bear; Anywhere is home, if (D)Christ, my Lord, is (G)there. Oh, I’m tossed about and driven by the foe, Sad within, without, wherever I may go; But I press along, still looking up in prayer, For it’s home, sweet home, if Christ is only there. I will labor on till I am called away, Till the morn shall dawn of that eternal day, Looking unto Him who keeps me in His care; Anywhere is home, if Christ, my Lord, is there.

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