Another Valley Left Behind Lyrics & Chords

By The Crabb Family

(G)I don't understand this trial I've never walked this road (C)before If one more step or many (D)miles I'll just have to trust you (G)Lord For there is nothing left behind me That I could go (C)back to It's my desire to make this (D)journey So by your grace I'll make it (G)through Chorus (G)Through the storms and through the (C)trials Across the desert's burning (G)sand You have said that you'd go (D)with me And give me strength to (G)stand Through the weeping in the (C)darkness When the morning sun does (Em)shine I'll have my time of joy and (C)gladness (D)Another valley left (G)behind I can' see a silver lining Behind the clouds hanging o'er And I can't seem to find the answers To my questions anymore You never promised me exemption From the testing times of life But I sure need some light for traveling Cause Lord it sure looks dark tonight

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