Angels In The Room Lyrics & Chords

By The Ruppes | Hymn

Verse 1 (G)She's close to death , but she is not afraid Angels (Em)waiting for the order, to (D)carry her (C)away They're (G)gathered around her bed side. She's the (G)only one who sees She will (Em)draw her final breath , and (D)away with them she'll (G)leave Chorus (C)Angels (F)in the (C)room, she's (G)run her final race They come to (C)carry her to heaven there to (G)see her savior's (D)face (C)Angels (F)in the (C)room, to take her (G)to her great (Em)reward No need for (G)sadness or gloom, there are (D)angels (C)in the (G)room Verse 2 He's not long for this world, there's a better one to come He's think'in about that great reunion , with the father and the son His family by his bedside, he says children can't you see Angels standing all around us, it's time for me to leave Bridge (G)When it (Em)comes a time for (D)leaven And you (C)see the fights are (G)long (Am)You won't have to (G)worry friend (C)You won't be (D)alone

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