An Empty Mansion Lyrics & Chords

By C.A. Luttrell and Mrs. J.B. Karnes

(D)Here I labor and toil as I (G)look for a (D)home, Just a humble abode among (A)men, While in (D)Heaven a mansion is waiting for (D)me And a gentle voice (A)pleading "come (D)in". Chorus (D)There's a mansion now empty, just (G)waiting for me At the end of life's troublesome (A)way. Many (D)friends and dear loved ones will (G)welcome me (D)there Near the door of that (A)mansion some (D)day. Ever thankful am I that my Savior and Lord Promised unto the weary sweet rest; Nothing more could I ask than a mansion above, There to live with the saved and the blest. When my labor and toiling have ended below And my hands shall lie folded in rest, I'll exchange this old home for a mansion up there And invite the arch angel as guest.

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