Amazing Grace Lyrics & Chords

Written by John Newton

(D)Amazing grace how (G)sweet the (D)sound
that saved a wretch like (A)me.
I (D)once was lost, but (G)now I'm (D)found,
was blind but (A)now I (D)see.

(D)Twas grace that taught my (G)heart to (D)fear,
and grace my fears re(A)leased.
How (D)precious did that (G)grace (D)appeared,
the hour I (A)first (D)believed.
(D)Through many dangers (G)toils and (D)snares
have I already (A)come.
Twas (D)grace that brought me (G)save thus (D)far,
and grace will (A)lead me (D)home.

(D)When we've been there ten (G)thousand (D)years,
bright shining as the (A)sun,
We've no less (D)days to (G)sing gods (D)praise
than when we (A)first (D)begun.

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