Always Enough Lyrics & Chords

By Kirk Talley

Verse 1 (D)Hard circumstances may (G)haunt you, (Em)playing the game which way to (A)turn (D)realizing right and wrong both (G)want you (Em)This my friend a lesson that I've (D)learned Chorus (D)There is always enough of God's (G)mercy (Em)Always enough of His (D)lo-(A)-ove When your (D)well has run (Em)dry, (G)He will sup(A)ply When the road gets long and rough There is (D)al(A)ways (D)enough Verse 1 Everyone around you thinks you're perfect, you always know exactly what to say. But now the tables are turning and you'r hurting You're afraid to give your heart away But I know a place of consolation, where mercy is extended fresch and knew Failure isn't final with the father God's forgiveness flows through you

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