Almighty Lyrics & Chords

By Chris Tomlin

(G)You have no rival
You stand (D)alone
(Em)The Heavens worship
Before Your (G)throne There is (C)no one (Em)like You (D)

(G)You have no equal
Your Kingdom (D)reigns
(Em)Yours is the (D)highest
Of every (D)name
There is (C)no one (Em)like You (D)

(G)Almighty, we’re standing in the (D)presence of Your (Em)majesty (C)
You’re (G)Holy, You alone the sov(D)ereign crown of ro(Em)yalty
You’re the (C)King of kings (G)Almighty

Our God eternal
The great I am
The praise of angels
Will never end
There is no one like You

Eyes like fire Face like the sun
A voice like thunder
Who was and is and is to come

(G)I see the Holy One
High and exalted
(Em)I hide my eyes and I tremble (D)before Him
(C)I tremble before Him

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