Almighty Lyrics & Chords

By Wayne Watson

(G)Almighty, most Holy (D)God (G) (C)Faithful through the (Em)ag(D)es (G)Almighty, most Holy (D)God (G) (C)Glorious, Al(Em)migh(D)ty (G)God The (D)beasts of the (G)field, the (D)birds of the (G)air Are silent to call out Your (D)Name The earth has no (G)voice and I (D)have no (G)choice But to magnify God una(D)shamed Let the (Am)rocks be kept (D)silent for (G)one more (C)day Let the (Am)whole world sing (D)out, let the (G)people (D)say Well time marches on, with the innocence gone, And a darkness has covered the earth But His Spirit dwells, He speaks, "it is well," And the hopeless still offered new birth He will break the leash of death, it will have no sting Let the prisoner go free, join the dance and sing

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