Alleluia Sing To Jesus Lyrics & Chords

By William C Dix & Rowland Prichard

(C)Alleluia! (F)Sing to (G)Jesus! (C)His the (Am)scepter, (G)His the (C)throne; Alleluia! (F)His the (G)triumph, (C)His the (Am)victo(G)ry (C)alone. Hark! The songs of (F)peaceful (G)Zion (C)thunder (Am)like a (Dm)mighty (G)flood. (C)Jesus, (Dm)out of (C)every (G)nation, (C)has re(F)deemed us (C)by (G)His (C)blood. Alleluia! Not as orphans are we left in sorrow now; Alleluia! He is near us; faith believes nor questions how. Though the cloud from sight received him when the forty days were o'er, shall our hearts forget his promise, "I am with you evermore"? Alleluia! Heavenly High Priest, here on earth our help, our stay; Alleluia! Hear the sinful cry to you from day to day. Intercessor, friend of sinners, earth's Redeemer, hear our plea, where the songs of all the sinless sweep across the crystal sea. Alleluia! King eternal, you the Lord of lords we own: Alleluia! born of Mary, earth your footstool, heaven your throne: you within the veil, have entered, robed in flesh, our great High Priest: by your Spirit, left us heavenward, in the Eucharistic feast!

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