All We Sinners Lyrics & Chords

By Passion | David Crowder | Ed Cash

Verse 1 (D)On yonder hill, the (G)darkness (D)flew The morning broke in (A)light and dew When (D)day had come (G)again a(D)new (Bm)All we (A)sinners (D)sang Verse 2 (D)In muck and mire our (G)wretched (D)souls Had fallen to the (A)depths below (D)Hell deserved, but (G)there was (D)hope (Bm)All we (A)sinners (D)sang Chorus (G)Saved, we are (Bm)saved The (D)gates of heaven wide (A)open (G)Saved, we are (Bm)saved The (D)keys to the grave have been (A)stolen Verse 3 What could ever pay the cost? On calvary’s hill there rose a cross And could it be that evil lost? All we sinners sang And all we sinners sang Verse 4 The crimson river, like a flood Came washing over all of us It swallowed sin and death right up And all we sinners sang, Yeah, all we sinners sang! Verse 5 On yonder hill, where darkness flew The morning breaks in light and dew Day has come again anew All we sinners sang

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