All This Time Lyrics & Chords

By Britt Nicole

(G)I remember the moment I remember the pain (Em)I was only a girl But I grew up that day (C)Tears were falling I know You saw me (G)Hiding there in my bedroom So alone (Em)I was doing my best Trying to be strong (C)No one to turn to (Am)that's when I met You Chorus (G)All this time From the (Em)first tear cry To (C)today's sunrise And (D)every single moment between (G)You were there You were (Em)always there It was (C)You and I You've been (D)walking with me all this (G)time Oh-oh-oh-(Em)OH-oh-oh-oh-(C)OOHH You've been (D)walking with me all this time Verse 2 Ever since that day it's been clear to me That no matter what comes You will never leave I know You're for me And You're restoring Every heartache and failure Every broken dream You're the God who sees The God who rescued me This is my story This is my story Bridge (Em)I hear these people asking me (G)How do I know what I believe? (C)Well I'm not the same me And I saw the proof I need (Em)I felt Love I felt Your grace (G)You stole my heart that (C)day

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