All Things To All Things Lyrics & Chords

By John Anderson and Fred Carter

(C)You give us the (F)sands on the (C)desert You (F)give us the waves on the (G)shore We (Am)take what we (G)please from the (F)rivers and (C)seas And (D)still we keep asking for (G)more You give us themountains and valleys You give us the trees and the air We saw and we burn And still we don't learn And it seems that nobody cares Chorus (G)Are you the Giver who longs for the gift that you (C)bring? (G)(Am) (G)How can You always be all things to all (C)things? You give us the seasons in order To nourish and build up the land With the plow and the hoe We make the seeds grow And still things get out of hand You give us our animal brothers The feather, the fur, and the fin We trap and we train Till so few remain We swear we won't do that again

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