All That Thrills My Soul Lyrics & Chords

By Thoro Harris

(C)Who can cheer the heart like (F)Jesus (G)By His presence all (C)divine True and tender, pure and (Dm)precious O, how (C)blessed to (G)call Him (C)mine Chorus (C)All that (E)thrills my soul is (F)Jesus (G)He is more than life to me (C)And the fairest of ten (Dm)thousand In my (C)blessed (G)Lord I (C)see Love of Christ so freely given Grace of God beyond degree Mercy higher than the heavens Deeper than the deepest sea What a wonderful redemption Never can a mortal know Ho my sin, though red like crimson Can be whiter than the snow Every need His hand supplying Every good in Him I see On His strength divine relying He is all in all to me By the crystal flowing river With the ransomed I will sing And forever and forever Praise and glorify the King

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