All Of Me Lyrics & Chords

By Matt Hammitt

(G)Afraid to love Something that could (C)break (G)Could I move on If you were torn (C)away? And I'm so (Em)close to what I can't (C)control I can't give you half my (Em)heart And pray He makes you (C)whole Chorus You're gonna have (G)all of me You're gonna have (C)all of me 'Cause you're worth (Em)every falling tear You're worth (C)facing any fear You're gonna (G)know all my love Even if it's (C)not enough Enough to (Em)mend our broken hearts But giving you (C)all of me is where I'll start I won't let (G)sadness steal you from my varms I won't let (G)pain keep you from my (C)heart I'll trade the (Em)fear of all that I could (C)lose For every (Em)moment I share with (C)you (G) (Em) (D) (Am) Bridge (C)Heaven brought you to this moment, it's too (D)wonderful to speak You're worth (Em)all of me, you're worth (G)all of me (C)So let me recklessly love you, (D)even if I bleed (Em)You're worth all of me, (C)you're worth all of me

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