All In The Name Of Jesus Lyrics & Chords

By Stephen Adams

(C)Truth and beauty, happiness All in the (A)name of (Dm)Je(G)sus (Dm)Health and heaven, peace and (G)rest (Dm)All in the (G)name of (F)Je(C)sus(G) (C)Joy and gladness, forgiveness too Life everlasting and (F)free All that I've longed for And (C)all I (Am)need (Dm)All in the (G)name of (F)Je(C)sus Chorus (F)Je(G)sus, (C)Je(Am)sus, He's (Dm)here And He'll (G)show you the (C)way (F)Je(C)sus, (C)Je(Am)sus, He's (Dm)all that you (G)need (C)today Verse 2 Care and comfort, healing and grace All in the name of Jesus Welcome, pardon, a hiding place All in the name of Jesus Warmth and sunshine, friendship true Fulfillment and blessing untold Hope for tomorrow and help for today All in the name of Jesus Chorus Jesus, Jesus, He's here And He'll show you the way Jesus, Jesus, He's all that you need today

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