All In Lyrics & Chords

By Lifehouse

(C)All night staring at the ceiling (F)counting for minutes I've been feeling (Am)this way So (G)far away and so (F)alone But you know it's al(C)right I came to my senses (F)Letting go of my defenses (Am)There's no (G)way I'm giving up this (F)time Yeah, you know I'm (Am)right here (G)I'm not losing you this (F)time Chorus And I'm all (C)in, nothing left to hide I've (F)fallen harder than a landslide (Am)I spent a (G)week away from you last (F)night And now I'm calling, (C)calling out your name (F)Even if I lose the game, I'm (Am)all in (G)I'm all in (F)tonight, yeah I'm all in, (Am)I'm (G)all in for (F)life Verse There's no taking back what we've got's too strong, we've had each other's back for too long There's no breaking up this time And you know it's okay, I came to my senses Letting go of my defenses There's no way I'm giving up this time Verse (F)I want it, I (C)want it, I (G)want it (F)I want it, I (C)want it, I (G)want it, (Am)yeah (F)I want it, I (C)want it, I (G)want it, (Am)yeah

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