All In Lyrics & Chords

By Matthew West

Verse 1 (C)My feet are frozen on this middle ground (Am)The water's warm here, but the fire's gone out (C)I played it safe for so long the passion left Turns out (G)safe is just another (C)word for (F)regret Pre-Chorus (F)So, I step to the edge, and (C)I take a deep breath (G)We're all dying to live, but we're (Am)all scared to death (C)And this is the part where my head tells my heart (G)You should turn back around, (Am)but there's no turning back now Chorus (C)I'm going all in (G)Headfirst into the (Am)deep end (C)I hear You calling (G)And this time the (Am)fear won't win (C)I'm going, I'm going all in Verse 2 (C)I believe that one day I will see Your kingdom come (G)And I wanna hear you say, (Am)“Welcome home my child, well done” Pre-Chorus (C)So, I step to the edge, and I take a deep breath (G)I'm not turning back around (Am)‘cause there's no turning back now Bridge (C)All to you Jesus, I freely give (F)As long as there's (C)breath in these (G)lungs I will (C)live (Am)With reckless abandon (C)my heart in Your hands (C)I surrender it all, (G)I'm going (C)all in Chorus I'm going all in Headfirst into the deep end I hear You calling And this time the fear won't win I'm going, I'm going all in

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