All Glory Laud And Honor Lyrics & Chords

By Theodulf, Bishop of Orléans

All (G)glory, (Em)laud, (D)and (G)honor to (D)you, (G)Re(C)deem(D)er, (G)King, to (G)whom the (Em)lips (D)of (G)children made (D)sweet (G)hos(C)ann(D)as (G)ring. You are the (D)King (A)of (D)Israel (Bm)and (Em)Dav(D)id's (A)royal (D)Son, now (G)in the (C)Lord's (G)name (D)com(G)ing, the (C)King (G)and (D)Blessed (G)One. The company of angels is praising you on high; and we with all creation in chorus make reply. The people of the Hebrews with palms before you went; our praise and prayer and anthems before you we present. To you before your passion they sang their hymns of praise; to you, now high exalted, our melody we raise. As you received their praises, accept the prayers we bring, for you delight in goodness, O good and gracious King!

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