Alive In Me Lyrics & Chords

By JJ Weeks Band

Verse 1 (G)I may be hard pressed on (A)every side But I (D)won't be crushed, I'll (G)be alright I may be doubting the (A)place I'm in but I (D)know the ending I know who wins I (A)may be down, but I'm not out (G)You're not finished yet Chorus The very same (D)light that pierced the (A)dark The very same (D)word that stilled the (G)sea The very same (D)spirit that tore the (A)veil Is alive in (D)me, You're alive in (G)me Verse 2 The truth may be that it looks too hard But the greater truth is who You are The One who heals, who redeems and saves Who can turn it around, who can still make a way Bridge (G)It's already (A)won, so whatever (D)comes I know where I (A)place my hope and trust I can overcome, 'cause of what's been (D)done 'Cause of what You finished on the (A)cross


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