Alive Lyrics & Chords

By Natalie Grant

Verse 1 (D)Who but (Em)You, could (C)breathe and leave a trail of (G)galaxies and dream of (D)me? What kind of (Em)Love is (C)writing my story till the (G)end with Mercy’s (D)pen? Only (E)You. What kind of (Em)king would (C)choose to wear a crown that bleeds and (G)scars to win my (D)heart? What kind of (Em)Love (C)tells me I’m the reason He can’t (G)stay inside the (D)grave? Pre-Chorus (E)You. Is it (C)You? Standing (G)here before my eyes, every (D)part of my heart cries Chorus (G)Alive! (D)Alive! Look what (Em)Mercy’s overcome; Death has (C)lost and Love has (G)Alive! (D)Alive! Halle(Em)lujah, Risen Lord, the only (C)One I fall before I am (Em)His because He (C)is (G)alive. Verse 2 Who could speak, and send the demons back from where they came with just one Name? What other heart would let itself be broken every time till He healed mine? You. Only You could turn my darkness into dawn; running right into Your arms VBridge (Em)Emmanuel, the promised King (C)the baby who made angels sing (G)Son of Man who walked with us, (D)healing, breathing in our dust The author of all history, the answer to all mysteries The Lamb of God who rolled away, the stone in front of every grave

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