Air I Breathe Lyrics & Chords

By Mat Kearney

Verse 1 (G)Born and raised (Am)under the (Em)rain and a Western (C)Wind Felt the (G)weight (Am)trying to live (Em)up to they say I (C)am. Is it any (G)wonder (Am)Shame comes (Em)calling my first (C)name Is there any (G)question (Am)if I'm the (Em)one here left to (C)blame Pre-Chorus It's the same (G)fight all over (Am)again It's the same (Em)bite breaking in my (C)skin It's the same (G)light when you let me (Am)in You let me (Em)in you let me (C)in. Chorus You are the (Em)air I (C)breathe (D)You are the (Em)song I (C)bleed (D)You are the (Em)war that I can't (C)win This is my (G)white flag in the (D)wind Every (Em)word you (C)speak (D)Is the air I breathe. Verse 2 I feel like a contender bringing my fist to pistol war I surrender that I need you now and you've loved me more It's like an ocean over my head and I'm under the light In slow motion tonight Bridge (Am)I hear you calling my (C)name out name out (D)Is there any other way now (Am)I hear you calling my (C)name out name out (D)I got nothing left to say now say now

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