Ain't God Good y Lyrics & Chords

By Gold City

(D)For 40 long (A)years, God's people (G)journeyed in the wilder(D)ness Searchin for Canaan, that blessed promise (A)land They (D)never went too (A)hungry nor they (G)never got too (D)thirsty The more that God kept blessing them, the (A)more they would com(G)plain Chorus (D)Ain't God good to give us so many blessings? (G)Undeserving, that's what we (D)are We ought to thank Him, love and (Bm)praise Him A little more today and a (A)whole lot more to(G)morrow (D) In the times that we live, so many are unthankful And many more, they fail to see that God has given all Never having time for God, they're always busy workin To pay for cars, new homes, T.V.s , and carpet wall to wall

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