After Awhile Lyrics & Chords

By The Chuck Wagon Gang

(G)After the sunshine comes the rain, after the (C)gladness grief and pain But there will (G)come a better stay, after a(D)while We must keep (G)pressing towards that goal, see that bright (C)home there of the soul It would have (G)joy and peace up there, (D)after (G)awhile. Chorus (G)After awhile, after a(C)while Glory is (G)waiting over there after a(D)while After a(G)while, after a(C)while We shall have (G)joy beyond compare, (D)after a(G)while. Troubles and cares on every hand, more than our souls can understand. But there will come a better day, after ahile We must be true to Christ our King, telling His Love, His praises sing It would have joys that ne'er decay, after awhile. We'll be no longer tarrying here, till the redeemed shall appear But there will come a better stay, after awhile We shall be glad to see His face, knowing we are redeemed by grace It would have joys that ne'er decay, after awhile.

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