After All Lyrics & Chords

By Elmo Rodgers

Verse 1 (D)Trials (G)here (D)are some(G)times many (D)And oft (G)times my (C)feet grow (G)weary 'Till It (C)seems I almost (G)stumble and (Am)fall (D)But the (G)tender (D)hand that (G)leads me (D)Is the (G)hand that (C)keeps me (G)steady And gives me (C)faith that I will (D)make it after (G)all Chorus (G)After all this life is (D)over And my (G)burdens (C)have been (G)lifted And I (D)stand upon the mountain top so (G)ta(C)a(G)all. Looking (D)over to that city That the (G)savior (C)is pre(G)paring Gives me (C)faith that (G)I can make it (D)after (G)all. Verse 2 By myself I cannot make it But I know He's there to help me He will hear my cry and answer when I call Keep on trusting and believing Are the words I hear Him whisper Just a few more days to labor after al Chorus After all this life is over And my burdens have been lifted And I stand upon the mountain top so tall. Looking over to that city That the savior is preparing Gives me faith that I can make it after all.

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