Across The Miles Lyrics & Chords

By 3rd Time Out

(D)All around the (G)world I've (A)traveled, (D)Through it all I've (G)come to (A)find. (D)The ties that bind, can (G)come un(A)raveled. (D)I've had to face some (G)lonely (A)times. (Em)But when I am tired, and (A)feeling low, (Em)Oh what a comfort it (A)is to know. Chorus Across the (D)miles, There's someone praying for (G)me. (A) Across the (D)miles, There's someone on their (G)knees. (A) (Bm)Lifting my (A)name to the (G)Lord (D)above. (Bm)In joy and (A)pain, I can (G)feel the (D)love. And (Em)see you smile. (A)Across the (D)miles. Life can be so complicated, Walking through it on your own. When kindred hearts are separated, Itgives love a chance, to grow. And even though I am o far away, Oh I am reminded every day.

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