Above And Beyond Lyrics & Chords

By Bruce Carroll

(Em)All I ever (C)wanted was someone to (D)care for me (Bm)Someone to always be (C)there for me (D)Right through the good and (G)bad I spent a long time hoping that just one time A (Bm)portion of love I would find Then (Em)you came along and gave me so much (D)more Chorus (G)Above and beyond my (D)needs (Em)Your love has carried (Bm)me When I was (C)not strong enough (D)to make it on my (G)own Your love has calmed my (D)fears I (Em)know you're always (Bm)near (C)Only a love so strong could come (D)from (G)Above and beyond (Em)Just a cup of (C)water was all that I (D)needed (Bm)All alone in my darkness I (C)pleaded (D)For someone to answer my (G)call (G)Then your love washed away all the (D)pain The (Bm)moment I called out (C)your name (Em)You filled up my heart and I won't be the (D)same

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