Above All Lyrics & Chords

By Michael W. Smith

(G)Above all (C)powers, (D)above all (G)kings
Above all (C)nature and (D)all created (G)things
Above all (Em)wisdom and (D)all the ways of (C)man (G)
(Am)You were here, be(C)fore the world be(D)gan (G)

(G)Above all (C)kingdoms, (D)above all (G)thrones
Above all (C)wonders the (D)world has ever (G)known
Above all (Em)wealth and (D)treasures of the (C)earth (G)
(Am)There's no way to (C)measure what you're (Em)worth

(G)Cruci(Am)fied, (D)laid behind a (G)stone
(G)You (Am)lived to die, re(D)jected and (G)alone
Like a (Em)rose, (D)trampled on the (C)ground (G)
You took the (Am)fall (Em)and thought of (C)me (D)
Above (G)all

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