A Rose Among The Thorns Lyrics & Chords

By The Gaithers

(G)While strolling through the fields of time there’s (C)many things to (G)see But nature is the greatest sight (A)that could ever (D)be But the (G)greatest of them all is (C)how the world was (G)formed And why the roses had to (Em)live (G)each day (D)among the (G)thorns One day among the world of thorns a rose began to grow It was the greatest gift of God this world will ever know It was the will of God to show that since the world was formed There had to be a rose to live and die among the thorn Two thousand years will soon be gone since God looked down with love He filled this earth with beauty with roses from above He hung upon a rugged cross to save the world from sin Between two thorns this rose He died three days He bloomed again

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