There's A Place For Me Lyrics

By Luther Barnes

Verse 1 Oftentimes we feel this heartache and we live our lifes in pain All because from us our loved ones they found reasons to refrain But it should not be so bad to be different God made us, don't you see So when you don't fit in, find strength from within, say I know there's aplace for me Chorus I know, I know, I know there's a place for me I know, I know, there's a place where I can be free Where I can find love, Joy and peace, where no one will ever judge me I will search till I find that peace of mind cause I know there's aplace for me Verse 2 There's a place where I'll be welcome, and recieved just as I am In this place we live together, all peaople from every land, and I'll never again be lonely but with true friends I'll always be But I must be strong cause I keep moving on, cause I know there's aplace for me

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