A Place Called Grace Lyrics & Chords

By Phillips, Craig & Dean

Verse 1 (C)So many (G)years I (Am)heard it (G)told (F)The story of (G)compassion (Am)A prodigal (G)son who (F)left the (G)fold (F)And found no satis(G)faction (Dm)On my knees, Lord, I (Am)cried out to You (G)"I'm so alone (Dm)But if there's room in Your (Am)house for one more (Am)I'm ready to (G)come back (F)home" Chorus (C)I (G)know there (Dm)is a (C)place (F)Where arms of compassion (A#)welcome me (G)home (Am)Sweet (Em)mercy (Dm)falls like (C)rain (F)I know there's a (G)place called (C)grace Verse 2 So many days I've trusted grace Yet I have to wonder How many times my human strength Has kept me from surrender The more I learn just to lean on the cross The more I see When I fall, I will fall to the place Where mercy reaches me Bridge (F)If it seems that my (Am)courage is strong (F)There's just (C)one (G)reason (Dm)He's my rock when my (Am)faith is all gone (Em)He holds me in His (F)arms (G)Gives me strength to carry on

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