A Picture Of Jesus Lyrics & Chords

By Dixie Hall and Tom T. Hall

(G)On a journey through the (D)mountains of (G)Virginia I (D)stopped a while to visit with a (G)friend She (C)ran the country store like her (G)daddy had before (A)Nothing much had changed since way back t(D)hen I stood looking at a wall of faded pictures Some of them beginning to turn brown John and uncle Jim up there with Loretta Lynn And everybody who had been in town Chorus (C)Pictures on the wall famous (G)people one and all Their (D)pictures were hanging on the (G)wall Among them all I saw the face of Jesus With the big celebrities we know so well When I asked her why she gave me this reply She said that's a story that I love to tell She said it was a year ago come Sunday An old man with a bible came to call He said do you love Jesus she said yes sir But he just looked up sadly at the wall Full of shame she ran to get a picture She put Jesus in the middle of the store She turned to thank the stranger for his wisdom There was just a patch of sunlight on the floor

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