A New Hallelujah Lyrics & Chords

Michael W. Smith

Verse 1 (G)Can you hear, there's a (G)new (G)song Breaking out (G)from the children of (C)free(G)dom Every race and every (C)na(G)tion Sing it out sing a new (C)Hallelu(G)jah Verse 2 Let us sing love to the nations Bringing hope of the grace that has freed us Make Him known and make Him famous Sing it out sing to the new Hallelujah Chorus (C)Arise, let the church (G)Arise Let (C)love reach to the other (G)side (Em)Alive come (C)alive, let the song (G)Arise Verse 3 Africa sings a new song Reaching out with the new Hallelujah Every son and every daughter Everyone sing a new Hallelujah Chorus Arise, let the church Arise Let love reach to the other side Alive come alive, let the song Arise Bridge Arise, let the (F)church Arise (C)yeah(G) Arise, let the (F)church Arise (C)yeah(G) Everyone sing a new Hallelujah Everyone sing a new Hallelujah

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