A Mind At Perfect Peace With God Lyrics & Chords

Myusic by Hugh Wilson 

(G)A mind at perfect (D)peace with (G)God, Oh! what a word is (D)this! A (G)sinner recon(C)ciled through blood; This, (D)this indeed is (G)peace! By nature and by practice far, How very far from God! Yet now by grace brought nigh to Him, Through faith in Jesus’ blood. So near, so very near to God, I cannot nearer be; Yet in the person of His Son I am as near as He. So dear, so very dear to God, More dear I cannot be; The love where with He loves the Son: Such is His love to me! Why should I ever careful be, Since such as God is mine? He watches o’er me night and day, And tells me Mine is thine.

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