A Little Spot In Heaven Lyrics & Chords

Written by Marty Robbins

(C)I don't ask you Lord to lighten up my (G)burden
I don't mind the trials on earth that I go (C)through
Being down I want to prove that I am (F)worthy
(C)of a little spot in(G)Heaven close to (C)you

(C)Precious (F)Lord forget me not don't pass me (C)by
(G)Though there must be others worthier than (C)I
If you (F)can then Lord here's what I'll have you(C)do
Save a little (C)spot in (G)Heaven close to (C)you

(C)Years ago my Mother taught me all your (G)meaning
Of the hardship and the pain that you went (C)through
Know you Lord that I am ready and I'm (F)waiting
For a little (C)spot in (G)Heaven close to (C)you

(C)If my wish is more than I deserve for(G)give me
Up in Heaven any place would surely (C)do
But I've done my best on earth that's why I'm (F)asking
For a little (C)spot in (G)Heaven close to(C)you

(C)At the altar years ago we got ac(G)quainted
And as time went on the love in my heart(C)grew
If it isn't asking too much Lord then (F)save me
Just a little (C)spot in (G)Heaven close to (C)you

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