A Heart That Will Never Break Again Lyrics & Chords

By The Easter Brothers

(G)I remember, standing (C)at my daddy's (G)bedside As the tears filled up the wrinkles on his (D)face And as I (G)held his withered (C)hand, he softly (G)whispered Son I'm going to live (D)in a better (G)place (G)And I'll have eyes that will never fill with (C)teardrops And I'll have (G)legs that will never ache with (D)pain And I'll have (G)hands that will never age and (C)wither And a (G)heart that will (D)never break (G)again. Well I have often heard and read about that city Where with Jesus, we shall live for ever more There's a mansion under construction for my dwelling And the streets of gold will run by my front door. All the eyes of the blind will than be open And they’ll join the victory march with the lame And the deaf who’s never heard the roar of thunder Will rejoice to hear the Savior call his name

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