A Fallen Star Lyrics & Chords

By Jim Joiner | Jim Reeves

(C)A star fell from heaven (F)right (A)into my (D)arms A (G)brighter star I know I've never (C)seen (G) (C)Then I found out that it was only (F)you with (A)all your (D)charms Who (G)came into my life to fill a (C)dream (F) Chorus (C)A fallen (G)star is what you (C)are The twinkle in your (G)eyes came from the (C)sky (C)you must have (F)strayed from the milky (C)way A fallen (G)star that's what you (C)are The heavens must be lonely now that you are mine I'm sure they'll miss a star as bright as you But the stars will send there blessing and brighter they will shine When they see the dream that's comin' true

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