A Christmas To Believe In Lyrics & Chords

By Matthew West

Verse 1 (G)It's a house full of noise ‘cause the (C)family's all in (G)town It's an (D)attic full of (Em)toys so the (C)kids won't find out The smell of (G)cookies in the (D)oven, it's a (C)slow dance in the (G)kitchen (D)Oh, ain't it some(Em)thing, it's a (C)Christmas to be(G)lieve in Verse 2 It's in the (G)snow making (D)angels, it's a (C)mistletoe (G)kiss It's an empty (D)seat at the (Em)table to re(C)member who we miss It's a (G)candle light (D)carol, it's a (C)grateful choir (G)singin' (D)Oh Hark! The (Em)Herald, it's a (C)Christmas to be(G)lieve in Chorus More than (C)just a Merry Christmas I'm (C)wishing you a Christmas to be(G)lieve in Where the (C)moments turn to memories And (C)years from now you'll close your eyes and (G)see them (Am)More than just (G)another busy (C)season I'm (Am)wishing you a (D)Christmas to be(G)lieve in Verse 3 It's a blanket by the fire watching all our favorite movies “It's A Wonderful Life” in black and white just like it should be It's Salvation Army bells, hear them ringing to remind us There's a world that needs our help, may compassion come and find us Bridge (Em)Halle(C)lu(Em)jah, (D)we be(Em)lieve (D)in (C)Chr(D)ist(C)mas Verse 4 It's grandpa's Bible opened up to Luke Chapter 2 It's the greatest gift of love being born for me and you It's a heart returning home to the One who is the reason Every Christmas is a Christmas to believe in May your Christmas be a Christmas to believe in

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