God Saves Old Sinners Lyrics & Chords

By the McKameys

(C)The drunk on the (F)street, the rich in their (C)palaces.
The poor and un(G)learned, and man of (C)degree,
they all have a (F)soul, in need of salvation
and they all have to (G)come by cal(C)vary.

(C)I am so (F)glad God saves old (C)sinners
I'm thrilled and a(G)mazed, how he sets them (C)free
But the biggest sur(F)prise in redeeming old (C)sinners,
is that he could (G)save an old sinner like (C)me.

(C)Was I so (F)wrong I needed for(C)giveness
and was I so (G)bad I had to be re(C)deemed
Well I wasn't a (F)thief but I lived in sins (C)prison
and I was as (G)lost as a sinner could (C)be.


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